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Nobel Prize winner causes immortality drive!

Recommended during my studies with The Slade, was Eric Kandel’s Reductionism in Art and Brain Science – Bridging the Two Cultures. The subject matter of this book is so relevant to the Artists Statement that I’ve been working to for years that frankly I could have kissed it!

It took me 25 pages of A4 to summarise the bits that spoke to me most loudly so I won’t hit you with all that(!) I’ll just recommend you read it if you have an interest in how we perceive and make sense of the visual information our eyes take in and/or you are interested in how to use the visual arts to evoke meaningful and powerful responses.

As the author says, we as contemporary artists, “may now use the emerging understanding of the biology of perception and of emotional and emphatic response to create new art forms”….

Now I just need to work out how to live to at least 150 so I can achieve all that I want to achieve.

Ideas anyone?


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