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The Tarpey Open!

Updated: Feb 1

The Tarpey Open 2023! What a great afternoon the opening Saturday was! I’m hugely pleased to have had my pieces selected by The Tarpey Gallery. I’ve been an admirer of this gallery and it’s featured artists for several years, so it was absolutely great to see my work hung amongst them. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the great work in the flesh, it was very edifying, and I would strongly urge anyone interested in first rate contemporary art to visit. I must confess that a visit to a commercial gallery usually involves me finding at best, one or two pieces of work that I appreciate. But with these exhibitions I find that I could happily live with most of the work and would be delighted to call it my own (either as its possessor or as its creator!).

All bar the last two of these lovely photos were taken while the gallery was empty, there were cars parked as far as the eye could see for the opening!

The Tarpey Open runs until the 27th August and the gallery is open 10am-5pm, Thursday-Sunday every week or by appointment.


Photo credits: Tarpey Gallery

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