"i am interested in how we are affected by our environment (physical and social), and the synergies and conflicts within that transaction.  This enquiry forms the main body of my practice and poses question such as: Why are we captivated by some visions of the natural environment so profoundly? To what extent is this captivation the result of a purely visual experience? What differences do our cultural and experiential ‘lenses’ bring to that? 


Critically, how can the ‘essence’ of these sensorial experiences be identified, distilled and recreated? I strive to

“discover the purest forms which will exactly invoke my own sensation”. Hepworth


I make work that invites individual interpretation and stimulates affiliation by evoking visual memories and related emotions that the viewer may not previously have considered significant. 

Photography and exploratory drawing are the starting points in my process. I then experiment with conventional media in new ways and re-purpose unconventional media to craft the communication.  The result is mainly wall based pieces which verge on abstraction and sculpture. My work reflects a preoccupation with edited drawing, the layering of layering light and surface texture.


The strength of my internal response to a subject means that I am usually compelled to use scale as a key component of my visual language. I hope you enjoy seeing what I see, and maybe even feeling what I feel…"

artist's statement