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Finding my new studio here at Thoresby Park

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

On a sunny autumn day in 2018 I chased up a lead from my dear sister about a vacant studio at Thoresby Park and from day one I've loved it! As you can see from the pictures below it took a lot of work to get it in shape, but it was worth every minute. I feel so flippin' hugely happy every time I arrive at work and not many people can say that...! Smug alert here but I'm going for it anyway: the park is a beautiful place to be based; the other tenants are lovely especially Frances Alexandra (who makes gorgeous jewellery and Elaine Huddart (who runs Courtyard Beauty and give the BEST massages, anywhere!); the site manager and events team have made me so welcome and been massively helpful; and its an exciting time to be in these parts, there's all sorts of new stuff coming to Thoresby and its gonna be good...And most importantly, Sonny the dog is happy because the sun shines in


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