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Josaphine Wants You In The AIR-ing Cupboard!

Well the scrubbing and painting is finished and what we think is the smallest gallery in the county is looking mighty alright if we do say so ourselves. The grand opening was June 1st and it coincided with Open Studios here at Thoresby and the start of the 'Made At Thoresby Month'. '

An original etching by Alison Read
'Josaphine' the lovely cow. An original etching by Alison Read

Last weekend lots of inquisitive visitors followed the signs and weaved their way up to The AIR-ing Cupboard and "ooohhed"& "aaahhed" to our great delight, leaving some lovely comments in our visitors book behind them, here's just a few....

"Wow! What a wonderful new space, excellent work beautifully presented. I'm very much looking forward to returning to see future exhibitions". ....."A lovely inspiring peaceful place, so friendly, we were made to feel very welcome"..... Such lovely, beautiful work. Very inspirational! Thank so much to everyone who's visited so far.

Open Studios is on again this weekend (8th & 9th June) and The AIR-ing Cupboard NOW OPEN for business most days. Here's a few reasons why you should come:

1. NOSINESS! We're all a bit nosy aren't we and it's quite interesting to poke around the courtyard buildings and go to places you've never been before!

2. TALENT - we've only gone and got Susan Isaac and Alison Read in our inaugural exhibition!

Susan is a multi-award winning painter and sculptor who exhibits her work nationally. Her wonderfully expressive oil paintings tip our perspective and and present arresting perspectives. She's given us beautiful views of our much loved buildings from Southwell Minster to Thoresby Hall.

Alison has provided us with an marvellous menagerie of her witty animal prints that sell in prestigious outlets across the land including Fortnum and Mason ('don't you know!'). I've been a fan of her work for over 20 years, her etchings and linocut prints ooze talent, warmth and humour.

Plus the wonderfully handmade jewellery of resident jeweller Frances Alexandra and woodwork of Steve Hunt.

3. BUYING HANDMADE! Absolutely nothing in our gallery has seen the inside of a shipping container...when you buy handmade you buy completely unique treasures that will stand the test of time, you help the planet and you keep arts and craft skills alive.

What's not to love?!


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