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Anyone seen a Goblin?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I was really pleased to provide a home for the Gate Goblin for the Thoresby's Fairy and Goblin Trail (Feb half term) and huge thanks to my very creative son for helping me make it. I thoroughly enjoyed creating a character and a back story for my Goblin (scroll down to read more) and the search for keys lead to some interesting finds at Thoresby.

Hundreds of families enjoyed the trail around the woods in the park and if you missed out don't worry, it's promising to be even bigger and better next year.


I am the Gate Goblin; Gunpowder Gertie is my name,

I used to be a PIRATE and this story is such a shame,

I went and sunk my lovely ship; it’s at the bottom of the sea,

So now I’m very sad to say, it’s a landlubber’s life for me,

But it’s OK, I got a job and this is now my fate,

I spend my days and nights right here, lookin’ after all the gates,

I keep out all the naughty imps, and children if they’re grumpy,

And I keep a special secret about why the ground’s so lumpy,

You see I am a PIRATE so I’ve got LOTS of treasure,

My gold and jewels are piles so high you couldn’t even measure,

But I don’t want the naughty imps to steal it all away,

So I’ve buried it around the park, to keep for a rainy day,

So if you see some bumpy ground and you’ve got a hand to hold,

Jump up and down and down and up and see if out pops gold!

That’s all from me my lovelies, thanks for visitin’ old Gertie,

Now go and have lots of pirate fun, gettin’ nice and dirty,

And as you jump on the bumpy ground searching near and far,

Don’t forget to shout out load –



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