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Never have the spaces we inhabit meant so much to our wellbeing and happiness. Great interiors are about what is special to us and the way we want to live and feel within them.

I came to art with a wealth of experience in other fields including property management and development, and designing domestic and small commercial spaces. I now take a limited number of interior decor commissions each year, relishing these chances to apply my skills as an artist and crafts person to create bespoke artisan interiors.


The service is a unique combination of practical design flair, specialist decor techniques and sound contract management experience, all brought together to create spaces that enhance lives and bring joy.


Running through every project is a keen attention to detail and specialist skills that are not available from traditional contractors.

Enquiries for imaginative and magical children's spaces are particularly welcome.  I am also very keen to help clients create outstanding interiors which respect our natural environment. So I am delighted to be able to transform existing pieces of furniture and to recommend environmentally friendly products wherever possible.

All enquiries begin with a free consultation and coffee here at the beautiful Thoresby Park. If you would like to arrange meet to discuss your requirements please drop me a line via my contacts page.

Please be aware that the typical lead time for new contracts to begin, is currently 6-8 months.

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