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the texture library

When we see something with our eyes a subconscious process of exchange begins in our brain as all our senses attempt to fully understand what is before us. Our brain attempts to match the information from our eyes to the vast catalogue of experiences we have accumulated and within that are matches to an array of sensorial 'hits'.


Texture is one of the libraries of information that we store.


What happens if we give our brain the shape of a familiar object through tone and texture alone, is it enough to evoke memory? How is that evocation different from a representational photograph? Are we temporarily intrigued, delighted or frustrated as we try to identify familiar meaning?

When the brain hits on the association and 'solves the problem' it releases dopamine - we are rewarded. Decoding abstract art can literally make us happy.

The images you see below are photographs of exploratory pieces 50cm x 40cm using paper and acrylic paint. The 'drawing' is created with alterations to the surface texture. 

From these and other experimental drawings I have made several pieces to commission and for gallery exhibition.  Photographs of the refined and finished pieces will be featured soon.

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