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Solace came from inside...

Not being able to get to my studio during the lockdowns was tough and home schooling was really tough(!). But I am well aware that we were very lucky compared to many...

Once restrictions were eased enough, my creative solace was came from transforming some interiors. All the projects were done with a care for the environment and they used pre-loved furniture pieces almost entirely. Here are my two favourites….

Project one was a glamorous and grown up sitting room with art deco vibe.

Designing and installing an up lit mural feature and restoring two genuine art deco side tables were my favourite elements. Creating a lighting scheme that washed subtle light up and down the curtains and mural made the room feel twice its size and was really exciting.

Top tips – mid century and art deco pieces have key influences in common so mix and match to get a cohesive scheme that’s got some character and originality to it.

Also painting window frames in a deep shade will make them disappear against the view.

Project two was a nursery with a Canadian Rockies theme. The joy of incorporating this dear couples’ honeymoon destination with elements such as their pet collie was like the best play time ever! They trusted me enough to go with the suggestion for bold colours and we all loved the result.

Top tip for schemes like this in complex room shapes is to pick a simple motif and repeat it and extend from it to hold the design together.

I take a small number of artisan interior commissions each year and more images and further details are available to view in the interior commissions section of this site.

I welcome enquiries from clients who want to be kind to the planet and have a brief that will be great fun.


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